Tara Sutaria performed a scene from The Dirty Picture, which earned her Tadap.
Tara Sutaria is promoting her forthcoming action film Tadap, in which she co-stars rookie Ahan Shetty. The film is a love story, and the teaser has piqued fans' interest in what these young performers have planned for them.

Tara remembered visiting Sajid Nadiadwala and Milan Luthria to discuss a different film when they requested her to recreate a sequence from The Dirty Picture with Ahan merely for fun in an exclusive interview with Filmfare. "I was in Chennai shooting for a brand when I got a call. Sajid sir, I believe, wanted to meet with me for another project, so I went to the office and met Milan Sir and Ahan for the first time. There was a clip from Milan Sir's film The Dirty Picture, which I really enjoy. He simply asked me to read it, and he had a camera and everything with him that day. I was kind of ignorant, but he asked me to do the scene with Ahan, and we basically just did it out in front of Sajid sir, and it felt extremely wonderful like it felt perfectly appropriate. Both Milan Sir and Sajid Sir have stated that an RX100 remake is in the works. They didn't reveal the name at the time, but I had heard a lot about the picture and had seen it a couple of times, and I loved the intensity of the plot. So that's how it happened, and I quickly said yes, and we began workshopping, and then we began shooting the picture."



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